Mr. President of FBBRT
Mr. President of FBBK
Mr. World champion 2006
Mr. Universe 2007 overall

2011 Universe Information


 Tribühne Hamburg/Norderstedt ( 

friday november 25th – sunday november 27th 2011


Please forward your team details, judge nominations, official entry form, flight numbers, arrival times etc. until november 19th 2011 to:

International President: Harald Hoyler, Heidhöhn 9, 27476 Cuxhaven/Germany.

Phone: 0049-4751-900105       Fax: 0049-4751-900544 


 Visa Requirements

Countries requiring visa clearance should contact the organization as soon as possible. For the invitation letter we need the name and passport number, as well as a correct working fax-number.



On arrival teams and officials must check in on friday november 25th at the Park-Hotel.



The organization will pay for two nights bed and breakfast for athletes and two officials for each country, if they send 5 and more athletes. If the number of athletes is less than 5, the organization will pay for only one official.

If extra accommodation is required for officials, athletes, guests etc. please contact the organization as soon as possible. The price for extra nights/guests will be € 70,- per night/breakfast and € 39,- per ticket (prejudging/finals) and must be payed at the registration. Extra charge for single-rooms € 29,- per night.


Official Hotel: Park-Hotel****, Buckhörner Moor 100, 22846 Norderstedt/Hamburg - CHECK IN-Hotel

                                                                               Linen Damage

Competitors must be cautious with tanning products at all times!!!  The organization asks the athletes/guests to use their own bed-linen and bath towels. Since we had many problems with the hotel the last time, all athletes/guests must leave a deposit of € 50,- per person at the hotel reception.

When leaving, the hotel will check the hotel-room and will pay the deposit back, if everything is okay.

Note: The hotel does not accept cheques or credit cards - only cash!!!



Security throughout the venue will be very strict. Everyone entering the complex will be required the correct ticket. NO unauthorized people will be allowed backstage. One backstage pass will be issued to each country, which can be used by only one designated official, named on your official team entry form.

The organization will not be responsible for loss or theft of valuables.



Presidents must submit the names of their photographers to the organization at the time of sending their team details. NO unauthorized photography or video recording will be permitted.



The transfer from the airport Hamburg will be arranged by the organization if you send your arrival information on time.


 T I M E T A B L E

Friday november 25th

1.00 pm – 8.00 pm       Hotel: athlete’s height/weight measurements, hand in music, collect information packs

9.00 pm                         Hotel: meeting of judges

10.00 pm                       Hotel: Universe Congress


Saturday november 26th

10.00 am                       Judging will start promptly

  6.00 pm                       Evening Show


J u d g i n g   O r d e r

 Ms. Fitness

Masters Class 2

Masters Class 1


Ms. Fitness                                             

Men Athletic Short

Men Athletic Tall

Ms. Figure Over 35 years

Ms. Figure      

Ms. Physique                                          

Men Body Class 3

Men Body Class 2

Men Body Class 1


Overall Figure                               

Overall Athletic                             

Overall Men Body